"I highly recommend Joe's teaching web page to anyone from a beginner to the advanced. He is very clear in bringing his point across so that you can comprehend your challenges. I have been playing the guitar for years and I've learned so many new lines, runs, tricks, etc. His approach is refreshing. I highly recommend his web page if you want to advance as a true musician."

-Marshall Badger


Instead of placating me with a few cheap riffs, or tuning my guitar for me, Joe focused on the stuff that makes real musicians: sight reading, music theory, improv soloing, and music appreciation. So often at the beginning or end of a lesson he would take time just to pop on a album from some artist I had never heard of; guys like Allan Holdsworth, Steve Morse, even King's X (who later become one of my all time favorites). These were the left of center voices who really had something to say. Voices I never would have heard without Joe.

     Oh yeah, and if you think you'll ever "catch up" to Joe and no longer be inspired by his playing, you're wrong! Take it from me, the master is always the master!"

David Internicola


I consider Joe my "Rosetta Stone" for guitar.  It's relatively easy to find someone who'll teach you a few bars of your favorite song.  It's much harder to find someone like Joe, who can make you understand how the music works and how to communicate with other musicians.  Since he's an accomplished, active professional musician, you walk away from every lesson knowing it's the real deal.  It's amazing how far my playing has come in the past year working together; not only has my technique improved, but I also know I have the core musical understanding needed to figure out whatever I want to play.  It's a great feeling that's only possible by working closely with someone like Joe.   Joe W., Buffalo, NY - former student

"TTR (Test Tube Rhino) is his project for launching selfish guitar madness. Lucky us. His liquid tone, melodic lines, and tendency to break out savage note flurries are delightful."

-Mike Molenda, Guitar Player (Aug 01, 2006)
"His playing breathes the lyrical melodic phrasing of Joe Satriani with elements of Buckethead’s acoustic mastery and articulation of the brilliant Paul Gilbert. For guitar instrumental lovers, InVitro is everything you could ask for."

Alex Jasperse - (Oct 15, 2008)
"The instrumental tracks veer from Steve Vai/ Joe Satriani speed shredding to Lenny Kravitz funky blues and rock to Jeff Beck Blow era jazz rock. "

Bob Silvestri -
Best of (May 01, 2008)
"Rock guitar instrumentals that allow for plenty of solo space, multi-layered esoterica, melodic richness, over-the-top shred, liquid legato lines, torrid tapping - in short, an outlet for the "experimental and selfish side of my playing," as Pinnavaia describes it."

The Undiscovered -
Guitar 9 Records (Jul 01, 2006)
"Test Tube Rhino is a killer project made up of killer tracks, killer writing and playing. Creative, diverse, interesting and gripping are all words I would use to describe this music."

Tom Hess - Tom Hess Music Corporation
"All instrumental, the sound is a pure sonic guitar feast in the timeless musical spirit of Robert Fripp and even Norwegian guitar god Terje Rypdal."

Robert Silverstein-
Music Web Express 3000 (Mar 23, 2009)
"As a one-man project, Test Tube Rhino could suffer from a lack of diversity – but it doesn’t. Understated numbers like “I’m Not Doing Anything to Feel Sorry” shows Joey P. has a deft touch with supple lead guitar figures."

Christopher J. Kelter -