Bandcamp now has new releases!

Moving forward I will be posting new tracks on my Bandcamp page. It is a great way for me share with all of you the music that I have been working on. So far I have placed the "Solace" EP there and two new tracks. One featuring Joe Marro, a great guitarist from New York and the second track features my son's DJ skills and he's only 8 years old!

The link is above in the navigation bar so feel free to check it out.



New Winter Riff Journal is Live!

I had the opportunity to contribute to the Winter edition of the Riff Journal and decided to discuss some exotic scale choices that can be used over Blues. I get more in depth here and with my new Foundry Course nearing completion there will be more to talk about. The focus is getting some Fusion into your soloing as well as maybe some Blues into your Fusion.

Happy Riffing!


Scheduling changes

It seems as life moves a long things can flux and change and I just have to adjust to it.

After Benderson Development apparently purchased the complex where my studio is located I have to start looking elsewhere and making some different plans. It also occurred to me that some of my students are traveling past my Buffalo location to get to my Amherst location. There are some students who prefer the Amherst location and that's great but I will be cutting down and splitting between locations and working only two days. So Those days look like Tuesdays and Thursdays. So I will see how that goes for now. Any questions about lessons you can email me or call and leave a message - I do my best to get back to people but that some times does not happen - you can text me as well. Spaces are limited.



"Solace" - EP Stream

Well it's been a while!

I have uploaded some new videos on my YouTube page one of them is the EP which I recorded last year with Garrett Whitlock on Drums. Garrett plays with Mark Tremonti and was available during my time there so I was stoked when he played on the tracks. Beats programmed drums any day!

I hope you have the chance to check out these three songs which were all recorded in three days and with just my 8 string guitar. I had a blast doing these tracks. Also it would be great if you could subscribe to my YouTube channel as well which helps to support what I love to do. - "Solace" EP



The Studio is Open

The Studio is open for enrollment and if you have some experience and want to get off from the plateau you are on then NOW is the time to email me or text me. and let me know when and what times work for you.

I can and do teach beginners but at this time I am looking for students at a more late beginner to intermediate level with some idea of where they want to take their playing to or are self aware that they know they need help and direction which I know I can provide.

Half hour and Hour slots are available. I can also do Skype lessons as well.



Twitt Licks are Here!

Here is something that I decided to act upon - smaller musical ideas that can be passed along with social media. Something that is a chunk of information that can be looked at and viewed and stored away for later use.

These days we are all bombarded by information - this is yet but one way to break down information for the musician who doesn't have the time to watch a 10 minute lessons/discussions on YouTube. I hope you'll find these entertaining and have as much fun with them as I did tabbing them out!

If you're not following me on Twitter then head on over to @joepinnavaia and click follow for these updates - I haven't decided on if I'm putting them out weekly but that seems like a good starting point - as always I appreciate feedback so let me know what you think!

As always Stay True - Stay on Fire,


iOS Wallpapers are posted.

Hello again!

Just wanted to let some of you know that I have posted up some of my own wallpapers that I am referring to as the "Fall Collection" - any of the raw images can be saved and used if you can use them. They are not the highest resolution photos and will work best on smaller devices.

Have fun with it - I know I did when I started taking these photos! Please go to the iOS Wallpaper page.



A little Update

Just letting some of you know that the Focus on Fusion DVD for True Fire will commence recording November 10th in Tampa, FL. When it will be available I do not have a time line on as there will be post production that will have to happen.

I will tabbing out examples and smaller performances for that DVD and building upon other ideas for the lessons. Right now I am working on Melodic minor Lines as well as V7 Lines.

More to come for sure and I will post up some links to materials as they become available.

Talk soon,


New Digital Content Coming

New content is coming which is what I call the Mini Workshop. The first installment will be about dealing with the V7 chord and some options we can use over that type of chord. There are very interesting options on the table and I will explain each one along with a PDF with some examples.

There will be more Mini Workshops dealing with Minor and Major chords as well as Technique Building and Fretboard knowledge. Looking forward to posting these!


Talk soon!


Fall Enrollment is CLOSED!

Just wanted to remind those who may be calling or inquiring about lessons that enrollment for the fall is closed at this time. I will make an announcement if a space opens up that may be appropriate for some one to step in. I have too many obligations both inside and outside the studio at this time for me to take any drop in students on off days so Tuesdays and Wednesdays look like the only days at the studio with the option of possibly opening a Saturday morning either at my home studio or at the studio but I have to have enough students involved.

My site needs a lot of attention so I will be spending time there as well. If you are interested in studying with me online you can go to and look at the workshops and Sherpa Classrooms.

Skype is also an option and is nice because you don't have to leave your home which during the winter months works out well for some. If you are interested you can email me at



Gig Alert!

Tonight me and Vincent Mastrantonio will be performing some electric guitar duo pieces at Pausa Art House, 19 Wadsworth, Buffalo, NY at 8pm - Guest appearance by Bill Bates on the Drums. This is what the set list looks like:

Take 5

Carina - Original piece

PM Jam - Original Piece

Freedie Freeloader

So What

All Blues

Little Wing

It's almost like a tribute to Miles Davis! Vince will be on the Shecter 7 string and I'll have my 8 String Ibanez. I should post up some pics as well as capture some video although my JVC Camera is severely out of date! Make it out if you can!

Why Guitar Lessons with me?

 1. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you feel frustrated with your guitar playing?
  • Tired of trying to learn from free guitar lessons and online videos that don't explain what you NEED to know?
  • Ever tried jamming with other people but you never could understand what chords to play or how to solo?
  • Not getting the results you want and feel disappointed with your progress to the point you feel like quitting?
  • Are you confused on where to go to next ?

I know exactly how you feel because I've been there. At one time I was a beginner/intermediate student trying to learn the same things you are right now and I had to fight through all of the same problems as you. I tried learning from magazine tabs, books, online forums and swapping ideas with my friends or strangers who did not know anything more than me only making me feel even more lost and confused.

2. Break Down The Barriers to Your Guitar Playing

Break down barriers such as:

  • The inability to play cleanly and in time
  • The inability to develop speed and coordination.
  • STOP - Learning from the "Trail and Error" approach thinking that all you need is more time.
  • STOP - Learning from free tabs and videos thinking that you are saving money by not having a guitar instructor.
  • STOP - Feeling that you have to learn one thing at a time before you move on to the next technique.

3. Get the results you want NOW! With evaluating your strengths and weaknesses I can customize lesson materials to your needs so that you can:

  • Play the things you want with less effort.
  • Learn more quickly. 
  • Feel better about your playing and become more confident
  • Enjoy playing the guitar!

I have taught hundreds of guitar students and helped them overcome their barriers to getting the results they wanted. I am confident that I can also help you regardless of what level you are at.