Guitar Techniques eBook


Guitar Techniques eBook

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This eBook was designed to help players of varying levels hone skills and improve and build upon existing skills.

Start Learning Technique Builders so that you can:

  • Develop muscle memory.
  • Develop a natural tone in your hands and instrument that is unique to you.
  • Strengthen your hands and master finger independence.
  • Learn to master different types of picking with the right hand.
  • Become more efficient with knowing what each hand is doing ALL the time.
  • Become more confident.

This Book contains ways to practice so that you can improve your playing immediately!
This eBook  addresses Chromatics, Directional, Angular and Cross String Exercises as well as a way to develop Left hand stretching.
When you purchase the eBook you will be placed on the email list for future revisions and updates as well as information on the full Instructional DVD that will follow. The DVD will cover all exercises and practicing tips that will guide you to becoming the guitar player YOU want to be! 
This eBook includes techniques that I share with my private and online guitar students.
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