Joe's Fusion Fun House $99/Month USD


Joe's Fusion Fun House $99/Month USD


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 About the Fusion Fun House Classroom

Welcome to the Fusion Fun House! For me, Fusion is the culmination of various styles that make an individual artist/musician unique. The point of this classroom is to take your own strengths and bring them into focus. Basically taking what it is that you do well and then develop your own style, while learning the instrument and improving upon your technique, improvisation, composition and fretboard knowledge.

There are many ways to learn an instrument and every student is different in how they retain information. I realize this and put together an individualized learning plan for each student.

I specialize in fusion/rock instruction covering styles ranging from jazz to rock, rock rhythm playing, soloing and improvisation. The range of techniques taught in the Fusion Fun House range from Alternate picking, economy picking, hybrid picking as well as legato and tapping.


As your Online Classroom instructor, I am committed to guiding you along your learning path at your pace, on your schedule, allowing you whatever time you need to digest your personalized lesson plans. No pressure. No deadlines. No hassles.

I'll assess your skills and objectives on an ongoing basis. I'll prepare personalized lesson plans based on those assessments. I'll guide you through those plans by answering all of your questions, reviewing your video submissions and giving you feedback. I'll point out what you're doing correctly and show you how to improve all aspects of your playing whether its technique, theory, gear, tone, performing onstage, participating in jam sessions or recording sessions.

In short, you can tap into my many years of experience as a professional musician -- I'll be there for you whenever and however you need me!

Along the way, you'll get to interact with other Classroom students in a "social learning" environment and have a little fun participating in classroom jams, discussion threads and other related activities.

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